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At Dobber's Choppers we don't just fix bikes; we sculpt dreams. With an intimate understanding of Harley enthusiasts' cravings, our specialized expertise transcends routine repairs. We're artisans, crafting each bike with precision and passion, ensuring your Harley embodies your unique spirit.

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Engine overhauls, transmission repairs, tune-ups, tire changing, oil changing, electrical diagnosis, performance upgrades, custom modifications, painting and accident assessment, machine shop, and more

Service & Repair

Build your dream custom bike from scratch or bring in an existing one for full engine rebuilds, retro-fittings, and large-scale modifications to give you a super machine that will make you proud

Custom Build

We purchase old bikes and painstakingly restore them and sell them as customized bikes. If you are looking for specialized bikes with good performance, get in touch with us to explore more

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About Dobber's Choppers

Precision Engineering, Personalized Artistry: Transforming Your Harley Dreams!

At Dobber's Choppers, we understand the heartache of a Harley craving more than just basic repairs. Our specialized expertise in Maple Ridge, BC goes beyond mere maintenance. We dive deep into understanding the unique pulse of your bike, transforming it into a masterpiece tailored to your desires. Your Harley deserves more than routine fixes; it deserves a thrilling metamorphosis!


We handle any minor and major problems with your motorcycles and at prices that are comparatively lower than what you would pay at a dealership.

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Our Services

What Services We Offer

At Dobber’s Choppers, our team of skilled technicians adeptly manages an array of bike categories—ranging from high-performance sports bikes to versatile cruisers, from imported models to rugged dirt bikes. What sets us apart is our specialized expertise in servicing Harley Davidson bikes, ensuring top-notch care for these iconic machines.

Custom Fabrication: Craft one-of-a-kind components tailored to your vision.

Performance Enhancements: Amplify your bike's power and agility for an unmatched ride.

Design Customization: Transform your Harley into a personalized masterpiece.

Detail-Oriented Restoration: Revive and renew your bike's original glory.

Engine Overhauls: Enhance performance while maintaining reliability.

Precision Tuning: Fine-tune every aspect for peak performance and comfort.


Machine Shop: Cylinder head servicing, Cylinder bore services, crankshaft rod replacement, cylinder measurement and piston ordering.

Our team

Meet our experts

Dobber's Choppers embodies the passion of a dedicated team deeply entrenched in the world of bikes for most of their adult years. Headed by Steve, a seasoned motorcycle mechanic with extensive experience in repairing and servicing bikes, particularly as a certified Harley Davidson mechanic. His tenure spans several reputable dealerships, including Trev Deeley, Barnes Harley Davidson, Greater Vancouver PowerSports, Azkikr Custom Cycle, and Daytona Yamaha.


We handle any minor and major problems with your motorcycles at prices that are comparatively lower than what you would pay at a dealership.

We service ALL MAKES and styles of motorcycles

Our focus is on Harley Davidson, but at Dobber's Choppers we do not discriminate and as motorcycle enthusiasts we are able to work with all brands and styles of motorcycles.

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